Orcas Island Wedding Planning Services

Picture your wedding day on Orcas Island in the beautiful San Juan Islands of Puget Sound, Washington.  Is it in a beautiful chapel?  Is it high on a mountain?  Beside a lake?  Overlooking Puget Sound?

Vala Ross, has lived on Orcas Island for her entire life, and worked with many of the best wedding service providers in San Juan County.  Vala will help you determine what is available to fit your style and your budget.

Take advantage of facilities exclusively offered by Vala, including wedding chapel, child-friendly campus and commercial kitchen or design  your own Orcas Island wedding experience.  Whether you chose the chapel or the beach, there are endless possibilities to make your dreams come true.

Let Vala worry about the details!  You can enjoy the beauty of the island and company of your loved ones instead.

Use the contact form below to schedule a pre-wedding consultation today!