Catering, Private Events, Restaurant

Blue Heron Catering specializes in multi-day events throughout the San Juans. We’re prepared to take care of all of your catering needs throughout your wedding weekend, from the rehearsal dinner, welcome reception, cocktail hour, wedding reception, all the way through the farewell brunch. We provide a seamless and professional experience that you and your guests will remember for the rest of your lives.

We’ve fed thousands of revelers 24/7 at Coachella for weeks on end; we’ve catered four day weddings for 250 guests; we’ve rubbed elbows at intimate, family-focused weddings and receptions. Our wide swath of expertise means our flexible, friendly, and established staff are equipped and ready to provide the detail and care you need to create the unique once in a life time vision for your wedding weekend or private event.

Photo Credits: Megan Blowey and Andrea Huss.